Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Many times, America’s wealthiest eliminate all or most of the taxes and costs to transfer their wealth, sometimes even increasing the size of their estates during the transfer!

Learn how America's wealthiest families pass their estates on to their heirs in the most tax- and cost-effective manner.

Wills and trusts may only address specific issues and need to be reviewed and updated as your desires change, as your situation changes or as laws change that may impact your future plans. Issues such as tax returns, risk exposure, fees and expenses, and low rates of return, as well as future income tax problems from your qualified or non-qualified money, inadequate long-term care protection and lawsuits can still cause your money to fall through the cracks. Most of these issues are not addressed by having a living trust or a will.

Ongoing income taxes and especially significant taxes to your heirs are key concerns today. Many people believe their wills and living trusts or other estate planning measures address these issues and they find out too late they were wrong.

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