Tax-Deferred Growth

Tax-Deferred Growth

Time doesn’t stand still, and neither does money. That’s why you can use time to your advantage when investing for wealth preservation.

How much of your investment income is “landing” on Page 1 of your tax return? The informed retiree has found ways to avoid taxation on his or her investments. From sophisticated to complex, there are many methods of deferring income taxation. Have you reviewed each of these methods to ensure that you are not missing something?

The longer you invest, the more time your money has to compound interest. If your portfolio has not fully recovered from losses in recent years, you may consider a more aggressive allocation to make up for lost ground and get back on track to accumulating wealth. However, given recent lessons learned in stock market investing, it is important to remember that more conservative retirement plans typically have only a portion of the assets invested in the stock market. Other assets should be allocated to more conservative investments and/or secured income contracts. After all, the last thing you want to do is repeat history and lose wealth during the next market correction.

At Lang Capital, we have found that investing conservatively for moderate returns and tax deferral is the way to safely maximize the growth in your portfolio.

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