Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

What is retirement planning? Sometimes it is easier to understand what retirement planning is not. All too often, retirees are approached by a stock broker, insurance salesman, banker, or other non-fiduciary to assist them in their retirement. These efforts typically boil down to a strategy to make the client money. The retirement plan, therefore, becomes a strategy to make as much money as possible. These so-called retirement plans typically fail to take into account the retiree’s financial goals, challenges and opportunities.

True retirement planning involves an independent, trusted financial advisor, a fiduciary who carefully considers each component of a client’s unique financial situation and creates a tailor-made solution or plan for his or her client to follow. More specifically, a well-thought-out retirement plan will involve integrating each of the following disciplines: investment planning, income planning, tax planning and estate planning.

At Lang Capital, we can assist you in creating and implementing a true retirement plan that takes into account the circumstances that make your portfolio unique. We specialize in assembling the pieces of your financial puzzle so that they all seamlessly fit together. This allows you to maximize the money you have saved for retirement and, even more importantly, to ensure that there are no gaps or weaknesses in your financial plan. Our goal is to provide you with confidence, knowing that you will maintain the same quality of life (or better) during your retirement years and to ensure that your estate will be passed on to your heirs in the most tax-advantageous manner possible.

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